Customer Care Chatbot for Pension Fund


One of the largest Pension providers in the Netherlands servicing over 4 million participants have a customer care department that resolves over 3,000 questions per day. The pension fund participants demand an increased service level that is available outside office hours and the customer care department is required to ensure a high customer satisfaction while being cost-efficient.


We initially focused on the intents with high frequency that are relevant and suitable for automated resolution, including FAQ, Administrative updates (ie. address and partner) and information requests. In parallel we worked on the complete solution that is capable to provide full service by the chatbot by means of DigID authentication, back-office integration and call-center handover to a live-agent when needed. The first chatbot was live within 4 months and continuously improved since.


The chatbot is now the primary channel on the Pension Provider website. Within 6 months of initial go-live, the chatbot already handles over 300 chats a day and covers 20% of all customer interaction. This results in a yearly cost-saving of over 100,000 EUR.

Case Studies