Why I Work at Valcon

Milan Budecevic, Principle, SEE

I’m drawn to Valcon because the company provides the variety I crave in my role as a software developer. The diverse projects and clients keep me engaged and constantly learning. I appreciate the collaborative approach, working closely with clients and having the chance to contribute to the people side of change. The mix of colleagues with different skill sets further enhances my growth, creating a dynamic and motivating work environment.

Lisanne Frankema, Senior Manager, NL

Valcon allows me to discover my interests and shape my career in the wide variety of projects and end-to-end consultancy we offer. At Valcon, I can develop my strengths while working on high-impact projects, learning from my colleagues as well as from leaders at the client. The trust Valcon has in me and my colleagues and the big responsibility we receive, gives me a lot of joy every day.

Josefin Fransson, Senior Consultant, NO

I work at Valcon because of the varied range of projects and opportunities for growth and learning. We engage with clients worldwide, and I am currently part of a global project, collaborating with a diverse and talented team across different countries. We work side by side with the client, facing challenges and celebrating successes together as a team. What truly makes Valcon special for me is the people. I’m surrounded by highly skilled professionals who aren’t just colleagues and mentors; they bring so much joy and make each day fun, which is personally fulfilling.

Elijah Osagie, Senior Consultant, UK

I started my Business Analyst journey working at a consultancy which was perfect because it fitted my creative and knowledge-driven disposition. It allowed me to work on different projects in different roles with different companies, gaining unreplaceable skills and experience. This is ‘Why Valcon’ – because it gives me that and so much more. Valcon drives and encourages you to be leaders in your field of expertise with personal and professional support based on the avenue you wish to pursue, which led me to recently gain a Diploma in Financial Crime Prevention.

Lonneke Gossens, Specialist, NL

At Valcon, I get the opportunity to dive deep into specific technologies and directly apply these skills at various clients. This speeds up the learning process and brings opportunities to find a project that suits your new goals. I also love that I can contribute something feasible every day by creating pieces of software for clients. Finally, although it may be cheesy… the people really are the biggest bonus at Valcon. Because of the many nice and knowledgeable colleagues, it doesn’t take long to find a good sparring partner!

Andreas Østergaard Ohrt, Senior Manager, Nordics

I chose to come back to Valcon because of the great people and collaborative culture. This is a place where your colleagues meet you with great expectations and help you grow. Valcon offers challenges beyond the ordinary while preserving the time and headspace it takes to be a father and husband at home. Professionally, I am driven by a desire to solve real-world business problems for real-world humans, particularly within digital product development. And I am relentlessly curious about how to do it best. Valcon provides extraordinary conditions to do exactly that.

Atun Barisic, Junior Mendix Developer, SEE

Being a part of Valcon is thrilling because things are always dynamic, and you get to team up and collaborate with diverse experts who bring different perspectives. With a variety of projects and clients, each day presents a new challenge, offering continuous opportunities for learning and professional growth. The agile approach allows for quick adjustments. Consequently, projects are always interesting and are continually evolving, ensuring you don’t fall into routine.

Tessa McLean, Manager, UK

I am thoroughly enjoying working at a company big enough to make a difference for their clients but small enough to get to know individuals and their skills. After so many years working for huge companies this is really refreshing. I continue to be delighted and amazed by today’s graduates and the ideas and approaches they generate. Blending teams of different skills and experience, those bright young minds with people like me, who have been around for a few more years (decades) bringing a wealth of experience, can really ensure that there is genuine diversity of minds.

Ose Irune, Manager, UK

Valcon’s appeal lies in its commitment to diverse assignments and fostering collaboration within a highly skilled team. I find immense satisfaction in navigating through varied challenges and contributing to innovative solutions. The global setting not only exposes us to a spectrum of projects but also cultivates an environment where each team member’s expertise adds unique value. This dynamic atmosphere ensures that our collective efforts truly make a difference in addressing clients’ challenges across different industries. Additionally, I get the opportunity to guide and support new consultants through Valcon’s Academy program and this brings me great joy. Our diverse, multi-disciplined organisation provides a rich learning experience and amplifies the collective impact of our team.

Jelena Obradovic, Specialist, SEE

I work at Valcon because of the chance to contribute to compelling projects, engage with prominent clients, and leverage excellent opportunities, all within a vibrant atmosphere and supportive culture that values each team member, regardless of their position. The approachability of top-level management cultivates a healthy environment marked by open communication and inclusion, ensuring that every contribution is not only genuinely valued but also actively recognised and appreciated. Moreover, the company’s dedication to supporting continual learning of new technologies, coupled with a diverse range of benefits, significantly enhances the overall work experience and makes it truly rewarding.

Rence van Hunnick, Senior Consultant, NL

Valcon suits me because I feel that we make a real difference. We look for a solution that perfectly fits the client’s situation and make sure our results include realising practical improvements. We achieve this with our hands-on approach and closely working together with the client, that is our added value. Next to that, I like working together with my fellow Valconeers, who are best described as a flexible group of eager people with a can-do mentality.

Hanna Esselius, Senior Manager, NO

At Valcon, I get the chance to help clients with projects that have real impact. I enjoy working ‘with’, as opposed to merely ‘for’, clients on projects that focus on making strategic initiatives come to life. Furthermore, Valcon appeals to me because I love having variety in my job. Valcon offers this in terms of projects, clients, and contexts. But most of all I love working with fun, skilled and motivated colleagues who embody a genuine can-do attitude.