Business Transformation Consulting

Valcon delivers sustainable business transformation by combining technology, data and consulting.

Business Transformation Services

We have the full range of capabilities and expertise our clients need to give them a competitive advantage through people, processes, data and technology. We weave these skills together in different ways to respond to new opportunities and challenges and deliver sustainable results.


More than ever, clients need end-to-end solutions to leverage digital opportunities and create synergies to ensure the operations of their businesses are fit for the future. We focus on making a real impact on operational issues and helping clients from strategy through to delivery with business transformation consulting.


Each company has data challenges, easy or complex, big or small. This asks for flexibility and in-depth knowledge of data solutions and techniques. We help to define the Data strategy and implement best-fit Data solutions with data consulting services.


Technology plays a fundamental role within services – it is the biggest driver of change. With our craftsmanship and drive, we design, build and manage innovative and high-quality digital transformation solutions, which contribute to the operational performance of our clients.


AI is transforming our lives, paving the way for enhancing user experiences, introducing new value streams and revolutionising business models. Our team of AI experts can identify how AI can benefit organisations, implement the right AI solutions, and speed up value realisation through AI consulting services.

Industries we serve

Our industry-focused network is structured to anticipate and address sector specific requirements in business

Financial services

Our clients in the financial services industry are in the process of transitioning into becoming entirely digital organisations before the end of this decade. We help our clients get ahead of the competition and both advise and challenge them in becoming excellent digital players.


Our clients in the infrastructure industry span transportation to construction and utilities. We advise our clients on how to transform their organisations to take advantage of all the opportunities in their end-to-end value chains.

Public Institutions

Government institutions and public organisations are constantly faced with the demand for change, initiated by changes in law, elections, or increasing demands from citizens. Changes are expected to be implemented fast – despite the scarcity of resources – without any effect on core operations.


Digital transformation is changing the retail industry’s competitive landscape at lightning speed. We deliver significant improvements to our clients’ sales growth and profitability – often in situations where their business model requires rejuvenation or reinvention.


Industrial companies need to be hyper-efficient in how they run the daily business. At the same time, they invest heavily in supporting sustainability and mobility in society. We help these companies create platforms to work with both dimensions with effective use of data, digital and people.

Why work with Valcon for business transformation?

1,700+ Experts

With a number of highly skilled experts across a number of disciplines, we’re here to excel your business from process consulting to AI-driven solutions.

40 Operating Countries

As a European consulting company based in the Netherlands, Denmark, UK, Sweden, Germany, Croatia and Serbia, we provide business transformation services globally.

20+ Years of Experience

With 20+ years of experience, we know our field and utilise this to stay ahead of the curve. Whether it’s technological advancements or industry developments, we know what this means for your business.