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Introducing Conversational AI

Conversational artificial intelligence (CAI) is an ecosystem of technologies that enables people to interact with technology in the way they interact with other people. From a business perspective, it means customers can engage with your brand on a 24/7 basis and can free up employees to work on more business-critical operations.

Conversational AI can be deployed to any channel your organisation utilises, such as WhatsApp, SMS, web chat, MS Teams, voice assistant etc. It can be used to boost the capacity of call centres, meaning a team of virtual agents can deal with the majority of customer queries, giving employees time to focus on more complex customer requirements.

Working with leading CAI solution providers

At Valcon, we work with leading CAI solutions to help clients find the best approach for their needs. Our deep consultancy expertise in technology and data means we can help you with every step of your CAI journey, from defining your strategy and implementation to predictive analytics.

Some of the key benefits include:

  • CAI can conduct sophisticated conversations, listen for and remember key identifiers, such as postcodes and account numbers and remember context from previous conversations to personalise the user experience
  • CAI gives a much better user experience, asking ‘what can I do for you today?’ rather than requiring customers to ‘press one for X’
  • CAI can help your customers when other channels aren’t open, enabling you to provide 24-7 support without the cost
  • CAI can contact your customers to ask them for missing information, remind them unpaid bills, handle renewals and tell them about special offers
  • CAI quickly integrates with APIs, RPA (robotic process automation), voice biometrics and other technologies to look up data and perform actions
  • CAI can scale up and down as needed, without having to train huge volumes of people to cope with peaks.

If your existing chatbot or IVR (interactive voice recognition) is stuck in the past, or you have been afraid to dip your toe in the CAI water, we’re here to inform and help.

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