What makes Valcon’s software engineers and technology consultants the perfect choice for your business?

Valcon has the right digital minds on hand, ready to help our customers implement the future, every step of the way. We value long-term partnerships that deliver lasting success. This allows us to deliver consistent, tangible business value to our clients, a value that goes beyond individual projects. We offer local, nearshore (Southeast Europe) and hybrid delivery options to best suit your needs.

We differentiate from the competition by co-designing and delivering digital services with a delightful user experience.

We boost your digital competencies, resulting in improved ways of working and strengthened employee skillsets. This enables continuous improvement, innovation and digitalisation.

We achieve higher efficiency in IT delivery, leading to increased output, lower costs and faster speed.

We design and build future-proof digital layers for differentiation and innovation, leveraging the latest proven technologies.

We have the ability to quickly scale our development teams, providing flexibility by adjusting team size to your needs.

Intelligent Process Automation IPA goes beyond process automation with low-code, Robotic Process Automation and Business Process Management by incorporating AI elements to it. We help clients define and execute their IPA portfolios with our multidisciplinary software teams.
Process mining Analysing business processes using data from event logs for optimisation
Smart Workflow Automated workflows using AI to enhance efficiency, accuracy, and adaptability
AI/Machine Learning AI/ML uses algorithms to automate tasks, enhance efficiency, and learning
RPA RPA automates repetitive tasks using software robots to improve efficiency
NLP NLP enables machines to understand and process human language intelligently
Solution development We create custom digital solutions for clients using modern coding languages to create scalable cloud native backend systems and engaging multi-device frontends.
Database Stores, organises, and retrieves data for applications.
Multi-Device Frontend Adapts user interface for phones, tablets or desktops
Microservices Backend Microservices backend uses independently deployable services for scalable, flexible architecture
Cloud Containers Cloud containers package applications and dependencies for consistent, isolated deployment
APIs Connects apps, shares data and simplifies development
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Choose a multi-disciplinary partner who bridges both worlds because they are converging.

Discover our main services and what they provide

We guide you in shaping the right digital portfolio for your needs. We translate your concepts into tangible designs, architectures and achievable plans. Using the perfect blend of technologies, we build and implement minimum viable products (MVPs) within your business. Following implementation, we continuously optimise your software, taking pride in minimal downtime, minimal bugs and the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Digital Opportunity Assessment

Digital Process Discovery

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What technology stack can we deliver in an integrated way to our clients?

We engineer demanding business applications and digital platforms using Java, JS, and .NET. We leverage cloud infrastructure to make those solutions scalable and performant. And we use leading low-code development platforms for fast and efficient process automation. By bringing these technologies together, we prevent point-to-point solution chaos and optimise the fit-for-purpose solution for each use case.


Our cloud engineers design, implement and maintain cloud infrastructure and services. Their primary focus is on leveraging cloud technologies to optimise the performance, scalability and reliability of applications and systems.

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Our software engineers use either .NET or Java to create a variety of applications, including web applications, mobile applications, desktop applications and enterprise systems. We have a dedicated team of front-end developers highly skilled in UI/UX and JavaScript.


Low code

We partner with leading low-code vendors specialising in dynamic case management, rapid application development, and robotic process automation (RPA). Combined with our expertise in process mining and AI, Valcon is considered a frontrunner in smart process automation.


Success stories

We’ve partnered with clients across various industries, delivering exceptional outcomes. Explore some of our success stories to see the impact we’ve made.

Enabling an automotive giant to seamlessly and cost-effectively scale its translation needs.

How we made bank transfers seamless in the Nordics.

Transforming education: delivering a flexible and scalable IT landscape.

Helping a MedTech company embrace digital transformation.

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Enabling an automotive giant to seamlessly and cost-effectively scale its translation needs

This is what we have achieved:

  • Scaled quality & speed via platform
  • Built-in QA safeguarded customer safety
  • Accuracy built trust with stakeholders
  • Clean data & tech reduced costs

A leading global car manufacturer, known for innovation, needed to streamline translating its extensive technical manuals into multiple languages. The existing process was slow, expensive and reliant on human translators. They sought a reliable, high-quality and automated translation service using advanced cloud technology to improve speed, cost and accuracy.

Valcon’s translation platform empowers the car manufacturer to manage content, leverage translation memory and utilise machine translation, optimising the balance between speed, cost and quality. Valcon’s superior neural machine translation, built on historical data, minimises the need for human review compared to generic services. Delivered as a SaaS platform, it frees the customer to focus on their core business.

How we made bank transfers seamless in the Nordics

This is what we have achieved:

  • Simplified user migration
  • Transferred data seamlessly
  • Improved user experience
  • Collaborated with senior stakeholders

Many financial institutions face a challenge: cumbersome bank-switching processes that frustrate users. To address this issue, a leading financial services group in the Nordics embarked on a project to simplify inter-bank user transfers within their region.

Our team collaborated closely with the client to develop a seamless user migration process. We worked together to refine specific requirements and identify potential challenges related to integrating the new system with existing business processes. The Valcon team brought a global perspective to the project, ensuring a well-rounded approach.

This initial phase focused on building a robust data migration system. This system facilitates the secure and standardised transfer of customer information and existing products between banks, all with user consent at the core.

This collaborative effort resulted in a more user-friendly bank switching process, paving the way for a more streamlined financial experience within the region. Our client can now focus on serving their customers seamlessly, while users can benefit from a faster and less frustrating experience when switching banks.

Transforming education: delivering a flexible and scalable IT landscape

This is what we have achieved:

  • Steered the design and architecture
  • Developed and managed 20+ custom Mendix modules
  • Deployed the Mendix platform using Kubernetes
  • Enabled cost savings through a hybrid sourcing model

A leading commercial educational institute in the Benelux, catering to over 200,000 students annually, embarked on a complete overhaul of its IT infrastructure. They transitioned from a monolithic architecture to a service-oriented architecture (SOA) to gain greater flexibility in course assembly and management of diverse offerings. This change catered to the needs of their multiple brands, which required a more adaptable IT infrastructure due to their need for both comprehensive and selective module usage.

Valcon played a crucial role in the programme, acting as a trusted advisor and offering expertise in Mendix development, architecture, business analysis, testing and data & Insights. With Valcon’s support, the client realised an improved IT landscape that enhanced flexibility, streamlined operations and fostered a more agile, modular approach.

Helping a MedTech company embrace digital transformation

This is what we have achieved:

  • Developed a seamless digital universe
  • Built a scalable IT and data architecture
  • Ensured alignment between business and IT teams
  • Implemented a user story catalogue and roadmap

A rapidly evolving MedTech market forced a global MedTech company to address client dissatisfaction. Clients craved integrated solutions: physical products paired with a digital experience for a richer lifestyle. However, the existing IT infrastructure could not support this digital shift.

Valcon partnered with the company to develop a comprehensive digital strategy. This included designing a seamless digital universe to complement their products, building a scalable IT and data architecture for global data growth and regulatory compliance, selecting the right technology solutions and creating a user story catalogue and roadmap for implementation.

Through clear visual communication, Valcon ensured alignment between business and IT teams throughout the change process. This structured approach enabled a smooth digital transformation for the MedTech company. The new, scalable architecture lays the foundation for future growth while upholding global regulations.