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The City of Malmö needed help with achieving an efficient use and coordination of resources while also being able to increase the service level towards the individual citizen


The City of Malmö needed to create a shared understanding of tasks and the service level for the citizens. Previously, each individual company had to convert the many demands into quality by themselves. The tasks had to be clearly defined according to legislation and political demands.


Valcon helped the City of Malmö define the tasks and design the processes according to action plans, follow-up procedures, roles and responsibilities, standards, performance management and capacity management. All to support a robust operation. Agreements with employee organisations were adjusted, and leadership competences in operations management were developed. In addition, the recruiting and hiring processes were streamlined. As a result, the resources were used to benefit the citizens the most which was reflected positively in finances and in quality. Valcon supported this journey with an operational design of processes and with leading the change across the organisation.


The project resulted in better capacity utilisation, higher employee satisfaction and a higher service level towards the citizen.

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