Kterio was in need of a unique, state-of-the-art solution


Kterio (formerly known as Market Bridge) was found in 2020. Since then, the company has experienced tremendous growth as they became a trusted partner of global real estate management firms.

Kterio approached us to help them develop and enhance the functionalities of their already existing software called Xena&Callisto. It was very limited to functionalities, outdated, and not friendly to any customisation. That is why we realised that the best solution is to provide a unique, state-of-the-art solution that will cover all of the current functionalities of Xena&Callisto, yet have the feel, look and user-friendliness of a completely new software solution.


We got to understand the client’s needs, which is why we decided to provide them with a brand-new software solution based on the functionalities of the already existing one. The solution was planned to be complex in terms of development – it is a solution including the process of controlling and the dashboard for building maintenance.

The buildings consist of many different features, such as several elevators, sensors, air-conditioning devices and all other devices and appliances that would send data to be processed. As a result, the users of the solution would clearly see how much electricity has been spent, the level of air humidity, or see if there is an issue somewhere that needs to be fixed.

On top of that, the solution included the hierarchical setup in the buildings themselves. We made sure that the building’s owner always gets to see which parts of the building are ready to be leased and which employers use which facilities and rooms. As this was a very complex software to develop, we assigned more than ten full-time professionals including highly skilled developers and data analysts to help with the project.


We will continue working on this software solution to make it more functional and more pleasant to the eye. As the solution currently covers all the functionalities directed by Kterio’s business plan, we will focus on the aesthetic feel of the solution and work on additional features that will enable specific companies to personalise their software in a more convenient and eye- pleasing way. The new software will also see an enriched dashboard with additional customisable widgets and reports.

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