Driving change for a leading UK automotive repair organisation


A leading UK automotive repair organisation had come to the realisation that in order to improve its operational running, it needed to digitise its business systems. But it was struggling to find an ‘off the shelf’ product that ticked all its boxes. A bespoke platform built to suit its requirements was needed, but the client also realised they would need ongoing support and development, the type of support standard for an SaaS platform.


The automotive organisation came to Valcon for its data and technical development expertise. After a thorough business requirements exploration exercise, a team of Valcon engineers developed a technically complex platform, which focused on bringing multiple strands of business data – customer, product, stock, vehicle, staff – together into a single cloud-based automation platform, to replace the previous solution which was a mismatch of multiple devices, systems and paper-based filing.

Valcon hosted the platform on cloud services and continues to provide a 24×7 SaaS based service to the organisation’s business users and website customers across the UK.

No business stays still and its systems have to continually evolve to support it on its journey. The client needed to develop and advance the platform whilst maintaining business as usual. Valcon’s continuous DEVOPS delivery model allowed them to achieve just that.


Boost in operational efficiency: the improvements created by the new platform meant the operational running of the organisation was vastly improved, teams could work more efficiently and far higher quality management information was available which could inform the business strategy.

Focus on value activities: the Valcon approach to service delivery allowed the client to focus solely on value-adding activities in line with its business aspirations.

Future fit: Valcon and the client are continuing to expand the new platform, migrating it towards tablet devices and developing new features to support all garage activities and providing new digitised data to support machine learning and the internet of things (IoT) business evolution and growth.

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