24/7 A day in the life of a Valcon employee | Rosa Kristoffersen

My day begins in the quiet hours between 7:00 and 7:30 AM, not because I’m a morning person, but because this time allows me to start my day with a moment of peace. The ritual of enjoying a morning coffee at home is sacred to me, and occasionally, if my morning agenda isn’t too packed, I’ll have a small bowl of yoghurt with granola and fresh fruit at the office.

The setup of my work varies; sometimes I’m at the client’s site, other times at the office, and occasionally I work from home. While working from home has its benefits, especially for focused tasks, I always look forward to being in the office. It’s not just the great lunch buffet that draws me in but the presence of my lovely colleagues. Their company make every day enjoyable, puts a smile on my face and reminds me why I appreciate my job so much.

My commute is a simple bike ride to Valcon’s Copenhagen office. This not only gives me a chance to energise but also provides a moment of tranquillity before diving into the day’s tasks. Every day at work is different, filled with various meetings and project-related tasks. This diversity keeps my job exciting and offers new challenges and opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Currently, I have just joined a new project that focuses on enhancing digital project management in the energy sector. In this role, I will balance my technical understanding of what is possible with digital reporting tools as well as my understanding of how to manage business processes and performance.

I started as a Data Specialist in Valcon a couple of years ago with a specialised focus on developing visual data reporting systems in Microsoft Power BI. However, as I had the opportunity to work for the same client over a longer period, I discovered that the client didn’t only need Power BI reports as product delivery. They also needed support for managing their processes and rethinking how their people were working. And so I transformed into a more generalist and consulting role, which I found to be both interesting and motivating.

Making a shift from a specialised role in data to a broader consulting position has been a significant evolution in my career, highlighting the dynamic nature of consulting. Yet, my data knowledge and experience remain a useful reference when I work on digital projects.

As a consultant, working on different projects with different clients, your role will frequently change. But the skills you develop are very useful in any kind of position. Being good at listening to the client’s needs, being analytical and asking the right questions, communicating clearly and having great yet realistic ambitions on behalf of your client are some of the skills you will master as a consultant. And the need for those skills rarely changes.

Lunchtime is a cherished break for me, especially when I’m at the office. The lunch buffet, prepared by our fantastic chefs, and the chance to catch up with colleagues is something I always look forward to. It’s more than just a meal; it’s a chance to recharge and connect.

As the workday wraps up around 5 PM (occasionally followed by a couple of working hours from home), my evenings vary. Sometimes I’ll attend a Valcon event, like a workout session or a creative workshop. Other times, I’ll meet a friend for coffee or dinner, go for a run, hit the gym or simply enjoy some downtime at home. Balancing professional responsibilities with personal activities is important to me, and overall, I think we have a good work-life balance at Valcon.

Weekends are for recharging and spending quality time with friends and family, exploring the city or engaging in personal hobbies. Whether I’m cooking, knitting, retreating to nature or visiting museums, I cherish these moments of relaxation and exploration.

Looking forward, I’m excited about my career growth and development at Valcon. The unique culture characterised by high ambitions and genuine relationships makes it a special place to work. I’m eager to face new challenges and contribute to a variety of projects and industries, continuing my journey of learning and growth.

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