One Virtual Assistant for all employee needs


The bank’s 30.000 employees depend for their daily work on a multitude of products and (internal) services. These products and services range from high volume (desktop, HR, FM) to niche (Purchasing, Compliance, Dealing Room) and are delivered by different silos with different level of maturity. As a consequence an employee has to deal with many channels, processes and a huge volume of scattered information making it tedious to get served on its daily needs.


Valcon has created a Virtual Assistant that acts as the single point of contact for any question. Over time, the Virtual Assistant will cover the full range of employee relevant products & services and will answer questions, guide the employee, resolve issues and initiate fulfilment. The foundation is a chatbot that provides intuitive humanlike interaction that leverages the existing platforms (i.e. ITSM) for information retrieval, incident resolution and service fulfilment, provides for handover to a live-agent and uses AI to act intelligent.


The employee is now served on from one virtual assistant on all his needs in an intuitive way, 24/7. The service teams can train and configure the virtual assistant enabling digitization of any internal service by its owner. It keeps an employee productive, and cuts cost by digitization of the internal product & service delivery.

Case Studies