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More than ever, organisations need end-to-end solutions to leverage digital opportunities and create synergies that ensure their businesses are future-proof. Whether grappling with small and specific data challenges or embarking on significant technological transformation programmes, we leverage our craftsmanship and drive to design, build and manage innovative and high-quality solutions that contribute to the operational performance of our clients.

Our experts ask: “Are you digital enough?”

In the world of manufacturing, data is key.

Yet, data is often unreliable and difficult to access, leading to frustrations and delays. Many companies struggle with time-consuming tasks such as searching for data, keeping systems up-to-date and validating and approving data. This all takes time away from solving the real problems.

At Valcon, we understand these challenges all too well. That’s why we work together with Factorise to implement a cutting-edge digital shop floor management solution that addresses these pain points head-on.

This solution seamlessly integrates with your existing systems, mirroring essential parts of the functionality of traditional MES systems while offering unmatched transparency and built-in problem-solving capabilities. Moreover, it is accessible on all devices and can be implemented in a matter of weeks.

Meet Morten Just Blangsted, an industry expert with 25 years of experience. Morten specialises in driving efficiency in production on the shop floor and has deep insights into the supply chain, operations management and ERP systems. Collaborating with Factorise, Morten has been instrumental in developing the digital shop floor solution.

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Nordic organisations lack data and analytics literacy.

The new wave of digitalisation with AI demands digital knowledge and competencies. While not everyone needs to be a data scientist, upskilling all employees is essential to harness the benefits of AI and stay valuable in the digital data-driven organisation we all aspire to create in the upcoming years.

What you need is internal data and analytics literacy programmes that match the needs of your organisation and help you grow into your desired future state.

Meet Jade Haayen, our digital transformation leader specialising in data and analytics literacy. Jade is dedicated to elevating data and AI readiness and guiding them to their desired state. With her track record in developing tailor-made data and AI literacy programmes, Jade has helped numerous clients create lasting value on a company-wide scale.

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Who do you blame when your digital solutions don’t deliver the commercial uplift that you hoped for?

In the financial services sector, everyone pursues digitalisation – because that’s what the customers want. However, the business can’t always keep pace with its digital ambitions due to a lack of technology infrastructure. Then, the blame game begins – the business faults IT for lagging, while IT blames the business for setting unrealistic goals. Yet in reality, the problem lies in the critical gap between technology and the business.

Harmonising your business and technology is the key to optimising the entire commercial value chain, spanning both the strategic and operational levels. Fail at this, and you won’t be able to deliver the digital solutions your customers want.

Meet Bjørn Büchmann-Slorup, a commercial leader with a proven track record in the financial services industry. With deep insight into the commercial value chain, Bjørn specialises specialising in driving commercial impact and transformation in the cross-section between technology, data and people.

Bjørn can help you reach strategic and operational harmonisation and scale benefits within technology development.

AI isn’t always the answer.

Clients often turn to AI without a clear understanding of the specific problems they aim to address. However, not all problems should be solved by AI. It can sometimes be akin to using a chainsaw to cut a twig when a simpler solution might be more fitting.

At the core of effective problem-solving lies the ability to discern when AI is the optimal tool. Machine learning, a subset of AI, comes into its own when addressing well-defined issues.

Machine learning serves as a versatile toolbox for constructing algorithms from data, allowing computers to autonomously tackle complex tasks. For instance, it can be instrumental in crafting algorithms for analysing similarities in CT scans, devising metrics to minimise waste in production equipment or scrutinising invoices to suggest missing information or changes.

Meet Ivar Cashin Eriksson, an inventive senior machine learning specialist. Driven by curiosity and innovation, Ivar asks the right questions and pinpoints the exact nature of your challenges. He specialises in implementing data science solutions tailored to solve your unique problems.

Let’s discuss how machine learning can improve your performance.

Nordic customers demand digital excellence, and if your business isn’t fully embracing the digital frontier, envisioning the ideal scenario might sound like a dream.

Imagine being able to provide round-the-clock availability, embrace a tech and data-ready mindset and ensure access to all information at all times. Your structure is designed to capitalise on digital opportunities and facilitate effective both decision-making and performance monitoring. And above all, you have a culture where employees actively embrace digital change.

Turning this dream into reality is no small achievement. It demands all-encompassing infusion of technology into every operational nook and cranny. The key is to make tech-savviness a collective responsibility shared by everyone within your organisation.

Meet Charlotte Pockendahl Andersen, a consultant with over 30 years of experience steering businesses through transformative digital journeys. Charlotte has extensive experience in developing, implementing and operating digitally driven operating models and understands the needs and requirements that arise with digital transformations.

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