Explore your AI potential with the AI Design Sprint

At Valcon, we strongly advocate for expanding the conversation around applying AI in businesses beyond just AI specialists and IT developers. Often, there exists a noticeable divide between non-technical individuals and those immersed in technical AI and data realms. The AI Design Sprinttm is our solution to bridge this gap.

Developed by our partner AI design firm, 33A, the AI Design Sprinttm marries design thinking with the potential of artificial intelligence. In the form of an engaging workshop, the AI Design Sprinttm helps you explore how AI technologies can improve business processes. By the end of the AI sprint, you will have gathered ideas and exchanged opinions on the potential of AI. The best part is that it can be tailored to any organisation’s specific needs, making it accessible to anyone regardless of prior AI experience.

What does an AI Design Sprint look like?

Picture this: a room buzzing with executives playing cards as they dive into the realm of AI. This is precisely what it looked like when Valcon recently facilitated a 3.5-hour AI Design Sprint at Lundbeck, a renowned international pharmaceutical company.

During the afternoon, we gathered 100 executives split into 12 groups. Using gamification as the gateway to a world of AI possibilities, participants actively explored AI integration across various operational aspects represented by our 13 colourful AI cards. The dialogue wasn’t confined to technicalities; it delved into the heart of leadership challenges and ethical dilemmas surrounding AI adoption. Ethical considerations, data availability and the integration of AI in operational realms, especially in the recruitment process, took centre stage.

A heartfelt thanks to all the leaders from Lundbeck who participated and contributed to the success of this workshop. Your genuine enthusiasm and keen insights were invaluable in making this event outstanding.

AI is a superpower – learn how to use it

As management consultants specialising in AI and strategic operations, we are committed to creating spaces for meaningful conversations and actionable insights. Our expertise lies in understanding AI and translating its potential into practical, leadership-driven strategies. We look forward to continuing these important conversations and assisting more organisations in navigating their AI journey.

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