Unlocking the future: the significance of AI resource planning 

By Sophie Overmars and Maaike Schuil

In today’s dynamic business landscape, the importance of resource planning cannot be overstated. Companies find themselves operating in an environment where resources, both human and material, are increasingly scarce. As the demand for products and resources continues to grow, optimising and automating resource planning has become a critical aspect of business success. The ability to efficiently allocate scarce resources not only boosts productivity but also lowers costs and enhances employee satisfaction. In this article, we dive deeper into Valcon’s approach toward AI resource planning and how it can transform the way organisations manage their resources. 

How to improve your resource planning? 

At Valcon, we approach resource planning with a holistic and step-by-step methodology. Our strategy starts with process optimisation of the existing planning process and grows to a more mature planning process where more aspects are covered like technology and data. Leveraging technology and data allows for a more dynamic and adaptable planning process, providing real-time insights and predictive analytics that traditional methods may lack. This not only streamlines operations but also offers a competitive edge, ensuring organisations are poised to respond to changing demands swiftly. Our method is designed to elevate resource planning in a manner tailored to each organisation’s unique requirements. The steps are as follows: 

1. Process optimisation – Our journey begins by focusing on analysing and improving existing resource planning processes. We begin by conducting a thorough scan, examining and understanding the current processes in place. Afterwards, we evaluate potential enhancements to these resource planning processes. Optimising processes ensures that employees can operate at peak efficiency and productivity, eliminating redundant steps and wasted resources. By prioritising process streamlining, businesses not only reduce costs but also benefit from clearer role definitions, facilitating more precise hiring and boosting employee morale. 

2. Automation of the planning process – At Valcon, our approach involves a review of the system landscape, followed by the implementation of changes and improvements using the latest technology. This ensures that planning processes are less susceptible to incorrect inputs and data errors. Additionally, we streamline the processes to achieve straight-through processing, serving as a significant accelerator for organisations. By automating, organisations can reduce manual interventions and increase accuracy, positioning them for greater operational efficiency and adaptability in a dynamic business environment. 

3. Optimisation with the help of artificial intelligence – With well-structured processes and systems in place, the next logical step is to delve into transformative improvements. We at Valcon harness the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to further enhance resource planning. Unlike traditional methods, AI can accommodate a significantly larger set of parameters and variables, resulting in higher planning accuracy, even in unforeseen situations where conventional models may falter. Furthermore, AI models are more cost-effective, reducing the number of distinct models needed for varied scenarios. Importantly, while AI brings a lot of benefits to planning, we at Valcon are committed to ensuring its safe and effective integration within supply chain processes. This ensures that humans retain oversight and can intervene, safeguarding against the rare instances where AI might not align with organisational needs or objectives. 

In conclusion, by embracing a holistic approach that combines process optimisation, automation, and AI-driven optimisation, organisations can unlock the full potential of their resources. This transformation leads to cost savings and enhances productivity and employee satisfaction, positioning businesses for success in an ever-evolving marketplace. It’s time for organisations to leave the era of manual resource planning behind and step into a future where data-driven decisions drive growth and prosperity. 

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