24/7 A day in the life of a Valcon employee | Mirta Germovšek

My day kicks off at 7 AM. Working mostly from home, I visit the office only once or twice a week. This hybrid work style suits me perfectly as it allows for more efficient use of my day and allows me to prepare home-cooked meals every day.

Breakfast is always accompanied by my computer screen, as I sift through emails, messages, comments in Figma, and the latest news in the world of design. This isn’t a new routine for me; I’ve embraced remote or hybrid working arrangements in previous jobs as well.

Since joining Valcon in 2022, I’ve worked on roughly ten projects with about as many teams. I enjoy the dynamic nature of my job and the opportunity to collaborate with colleagues from different fields and countries. As a member of the UX/UI design team and currently serving as a UX specialist, I’ve found my calling in creating digital solutions for users and truly revel in it. My background may be in media culture studies, but my passion lies in user experience.

Daily interactions with my design team are a cornerstone of my routine. We exchange experiences, and new insights, and sometimes even work on projects together. Recently, we held a lecture in our Novi Sad office on “Navigating Product Design,” which was a thrilling experience. I look forward to more collaborations with colleagues from other offices and upcoming projects, as these opportunities help spread knowledge within the Valcon community, gain valuable experience, and strengthen our team spirit.

My schedule varies from daily to weekly meetings depending on the project, but I spend most of my days immersed in design files. I have a keen interest in design systems and have been developing one for some time now. Keeping up with the latest trends is essential for me; thus, any updates in Figma are tested by me on the very day they are released. My goal is to one day become a “Figma guru” and teach others, sharing the valuable experience I’ve accumulated.

Working at Valcon has also enabled me to meet colleagues from other countries, learn about their work styles, and exchange experiences. Additionally, I’ve had the pleasure of working with fantastic clients on intriguing products. A recent highlight was travelling to Copenhagen with my colleague Daria to conduct several Design Discovery workshops with stakeholders. I relish the chance to grow and advance in an environment filled with experienced colleagues who are passionate about their work. I feel there is room for both professional and personal growth, and I am eager to realise it soon.

In my free time, I enjoy studying design trends, running, engaging in arts and crafts – and baking cakes. So, once I shut down my laptop, you’ll likely find me indulging in one of these activities.

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