24/7 A Day In The Life of a Valcon Employee | Tyler Sheard

By Tyler Sheard – Junior Tester

At Royal Mail Group, I am a junior tester and I support the testing team in day-to-day testing activities like data preparation and environment checks. I’m mainly home based – it’s nice to be relaxed when I’m working on something that requires a lot of attention. It has its downsides – sometimes you feel a bit distant from your team – but we do have fortnightly office days, which are great for team bonding.

Every day is different at RMG. Each morning begins with a daily stand-up call and our test lead talks through our tasks for the day. Then I attend meetings with team members to discuss my testing activities, help assist with theirs and keep my test lead up to date with defects we might have found. When we find defects, I work with the client to help them understand how they could affect the project.

The testing team has almost doubled in size since I started with Valcon in July 2022. Since then my personal role has evolved to be more client facing and I am the lead in certain areas of the project.

I heard about Valcon through LinkedIn. I was contacted by HR to see if I would be interested in a role in the Academy. I thought it sounded like an exciting way to progress my career.

I’d say I have a good work life balance. I am a passionate ice hockey player and the skills I have learned at the rink – team workleadershipcommitment – are really useful in my professional life. I play for the NIHIL 2 Streatham Black Hawks and being in an official league takes up a lot of free time as I travel to matches. I’m also a volunteer assistant coach and help train some of the women’s ice hockey teams. Valcon is a great supporter of my out of work activities, as there have been times where I need to finish early to make training or coaching.

I’m really enjoying my new career as a consultant and working for Valcon!

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