C-Suite Talks

How IKEA embraced technology to become a digital leader

IKEA has undergone a remarkable transformation, shedding its brick-and-mortar roots to become a thriving online homeware destination, accessible around the clock. This rapid digitalisation, while driven by the embrace of technology, has not been without its challenges. 

Chief Digital Officer Wim Blaauw talks to Valcon‘s Vincent Wormer in our latest C-Suite Talks. He acknowledges both the opportunities and risks that accompany this digital evolution, emphasising that IKEA’s commitment to equality, diversity, and inclusion must remain steadfast amidst the integration of artificial intelligence.

Company culture is key to success

In an exclusive interview with Valcon’s Susanne GuntermannRobeco‘s #CEOKarin van Baardwijk shares her vision for the future of the company. She talks about the importance of innovation, customer focus and employee engagement in driving their success.

Karin also discusses the challenges and opportunities that they face in the coming years, and how they’re positioned to overcome them.

Bridging the labour gap: a talent centric approach

Valcon’s Bianca den Elsen recently caught up with Dominique Hermans, Chief Executive Northern Europe at Randstad as she shared her perspectives on the dynamic landscape of the international labour market.

In our exclusive interview in Management Scope, Dominique discusses:

  • Structural labour shortages and the supply-demand mismatch are pressing challenges across Europe.
  • Shifting from traditional roles, the focus is on talent-centric solutions -recognising talents rather than conventional employer-employee labels.
  • Four-pronged approach: skilling, tapping into untapped labour potential, cross-border strategies, and leveraging technology.

The changing role of COO

While the specific duties and challenges of a COO can vary from company to company, there are undoubtedly common threads that bind these top executives. Valcon and Management Scope invited COOs from leading businesses to come together to delve into the shared experiences and evolving roles of these dynamic leaders.