Early careers

We prioritise the nurturing and development of starting professionals, so we’re always on the lookout for aspiring talent to join our team. We offer a structured learning and development programme to equip all our prospective Management Consultants with a broad range of skills and experience covered within our extensive service delivery model.

Graduate programme 

As a part of Valcon Nordics’ two-year graduate programme, you will be working with clients from day 1. You will also attend training programmes to ensure that you gain the competencies and training you need to become a world-class consultant.  

At Valcon, one of our primary focuses is personal and professional development. All consultants have a mentor who will make sure that you get the feedback and training you need to take your skills to the next level. 

You will become part of a value-driven company where there is room for every individual to thrive. You will get the opportunity to work in a diverse and international environment with an informal culture in which we cooperate across business areas and levels.

Junior Consultant

As a junior consultant at Valcon Nordics, you will be working closely together with skilled and experienced colleagues; both leaders and experts, ambitious consultants and fellow junior consultants. This will provide you with solid project experience and a consulting toolbox and ensure a steep learning curve that will prepare you for the future if you are interested in moving forward and becoming part of our graduate programme when you have finished your studies. 

As a junior consultant, you will be working on a flexible schedule that will allow you to focus on your studies and exams. 

Our recruitment process

We would like your application to include a motivational letter that convinces us that you and Valcon are a good match, a CV where you describe your competencies and achievements as well as your grade transcripts. 

If we recognise a potential new colleague in your application, you will first receive a cognitive test that will score you in your numerical, abstract and verbal skills. 

Second, you will be invited to the first interview with two of our consultants where you will learn more about Valcon and get a chance to make us get to know you. You will also be asked to complete a small business case. 

The final step is a case interview. You will spend six hours working through a case and preparing a 30-minute presentation which you will present in an interview held with one of our consultants and a representative from People & Culture.

How to solve a case 

When you meet us for the case interview, it is of great value to be prepared. To help you prepare for the interview and case-solving, we recommend that you read our “How to solve a case” handbook where you can find a lot of useful tips & tricks.

No matching jobs?

What we do

Our main goal is to add value to our clients by combining our premium operations consulting experience with deep technology and data knowledge.

Making sure companies are in their best possible shape, fit for the future; that is the core of what we do. We identify opportunities and make them work. Thorough. Fast. Together. From strategy to implementation. From boardroom to shop floor. In short, we are a no-nonsense consulting firm.