24/7 A day in the life of a Valcon employee I Joakim Langhelle

Although my mornings start early, I make it a priority to maximise sleep by optimising my morning routine. Waking up around 06:00 if I’m hitting the gym before the workday starts or around 07:00 when I’m not. And guess what? We’re fortunate enough to have both breakfast provided for us every day at the office, and a fully equipped gym in the office building. It’s the small things that make Valcon extra special!

My workday begins with a brief check-in with my project team. In just 15 minutes, we cover today’s tasks, potential roadblocks and project updates before diving into our work. This efficient routine sets the tone for a productive day.

Currently, I’m deeply involved in a 10-week project that revolves around developing a corporate strategy for our client. Together with three talented colleagues from different Valcon offices, we collaborate closely with our client who’s aiming to become an industry frontrunner in sustainability and circularity. It’s truly exhilarating to be entrusted with assisting them on this journey!

In this project, I’m responsible for two main areas: market sizing and financial modelling. I spend my days researching, interviewing and collaborating with the client and subject matter experts as well as analysing and extracting insights from the data collected. Through financial modelling, I delve into comprehending the financial implications and feasibilities of various initiatives within our solution space, particularly regarding investment requirements.

Depending on whether I’m at the client’s location or the Valcon office, my workdays take on different rhythms. On travel days, I kickstart my mornings early, catching a flight around 06:00 to arrive at the client’s site by 10:00 local time. When we’re with the client, we make the most of our time by engaging in workshops, interviews, and various collaborative sessions. However, when I’m back at home, I relish the opportunity to work from the office where I get to see my incredible colleagues and have a chat by the coffee machine, over lunch or in between tasks. Fridays are particularly enjoyable as most of the team is present, providing a chance to wind down and enter the weekend together, perhaps with a preferred beverage.

When the weekend arrives, I embrace the opportunity to recharge and enjoy life outside of work. Whether it’s hitting the gym, socialising with friends and family, or indulging my inner foodie by cooking up a storm or trying out new restaurants, I make sure to find the perfect balance between work and play.

My journey at Valcon initially began as a part-time junior consultant while pursuing my master’s degree. After graduating, I transitioned into a full-time graduate consultant role. Valcon has not only provided me with incredible professional growth but has also become a platform for forging lifelong friendships and creating unforgettable experiences. Here’s to the amazing team and the exciting adventures that lie ahead!

On a final note, even in a fast-paced environment, I always make an effort to find moments of laughter amidst the busier periods of work.

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