Our main goal is to add value to our clients by combining our premium operations consulting experience with deep technology and data knowledge

Making sure companies are in their best possible shape, fit for the future; that is the core of what we do. We identify opportunities and make them work. Thorough. Fast. Together. From strategy to implementation. From boardroom to shop floor. In short, we are a no-nonsense consulting firm.

Who we are

Valcon is an acronym for Value Consulting as value is the central focus in everything we do.

Valcon is a European consulting, technology and data company based in the Netherlands, Denmark, UK, Sweden, Germany, Croatia and Serbia. Our mission is to combine premium consulting with deep technology and data knowledge to add value to our clients. With our capabilities, we help clients to create value in transformations, from operational strategy to implementation, supported by a wide array of IT tools.

+25 nationalities

+40 operating countries

+1,500+ highly skilled professionals

How we make things happen

We’re pragmatists. How we deliver is as important as what we deliver. We’ll help you get the right results in the right way. Having integrity means everything to us. We have respect for each other and our clients and take responsibility for what we do: the promise, the process and the impact.

We know that every link matters in improving a company’s value chain. We support our clients in pursuing the right change in people, systems, data and processes. Our involvement is based on deep knowledge and experience, working shoulder to shoulder with many different organisations. We are curious and strive to learn and welcome feedback to deepen our understanding, support growth and uncover new and innovative solutions.


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Leadership Team

Get to know the Valcon Leadership Team

Working at Valcon gives me a lot of energy. Every day I have the chance to work with a large group of smart, enthusiastic people, eager to deliver value for their clients, together with their teams. We truly focus on our core values and strive to be a fun place to work with room for personal and professional development. This focus on how we can best enable our people, to deliver actual value to our clients, makes Valcon a great place to work and grow.

Sven van Harberden

Our people

You’re human: So are we. We are encouraged to learn from each other, to improve, find our purpose and, most importantly, to work with joy.

We’re doers who think. Who can take your strategy, turn it into an actionable blueprint and help you get it done. Therefore, we employ people who care about delivering results and have a can do attitude. Because we are bold in our belief that nothing is impossible.

Our values


We are honest, transparent and dare to be authentic. We have respect for each other and our clients and take responsibility for what we do: the promise, the process and the impact.


We co-create solutions with our clients, by working in high-performing teams built on diversity, respect and trust.

Are you a Valconeer at heart?

No matter where you are on your path into the future, we hope that our paths could join.


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If you have a challenge for us, we are ready to solve it. If you have a question for us, we are ready to answer.

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