Valcon enables impactful digitalisation on the shop floor

By combining deep experience, technical capabilities, and operational problem-solving, we guide customers in making the right choices among numerous digital routes in their production facilities.

We understand typical shop floor challenges

Reducing production time loss due to changeovers, CIP, potential product quality issues, etc.
Decreasing the dependence on implicit knowledge of (very) senior production personnel
Improving shop floor attractiveness for operators
Understanding the CO2 production footprint and reducing it
With our consulting, IT/OT, data expertise, and the ecosystem of specialised partners, we can help you with the following:

Operator-centric automation

Solutions that will help operators do their job better by real-time issue reporting, anomaly reporting/solving, and digital SOPs.

Product quality assurance

Solutions that will automatically detect product deficiencies the moment they occur and solutions that will enforce production standardisation.

Production analytics

Dashboards, reports, algorithms, and insights will help production management identify waste, production inefficiencies, material issues, operator skill issues, and method and scheduling issues to allow for countermeasures (e.g., continuous improvement).

Dynamic production scheduling

Meeting the weekly production schedule can pose challenges as various events can arise that have the potential to disrupt the scheduled production. At Valcon, we have developed a dynamic production scheduler specifically designed to address these challenges. Our scheduler takes into account production throughput, capacities, preferred production sequences, CIP (Cleaning in Place), changeover times, and planned maintenance activities.

Discover the power of our people and the ecosystem of main partners

Our people

  • Lean Six Sigma
  • Toyota Operational Excellence
  • IT in an OT environment
  • Low code and full-stack software engineering
  • Data extraction and insights
  • Change management


  • Extensible solutions tailored to the shop floor
  • Strong partnership to deliver data-driven operational excellence
  • Example domains: production performance, issue tracking, and problem-solving, daily boards, and manufacturing intelligence
  • Built-in OT connectivity
  • Deployable on the edge

Mendix powered by Siemens

  • The leading low-code platform
  • Funded and led by the largest worldwide production software player
  • Knowledge of IT and OT domains

Digital solutions grounded in production reality

Production efficiency

  • Factual production performance for daily stand-up and shift handover
  • Real-time OEE, production analysis per line, machine, material, and operator
  • Dynamic production scheduling, continuously optimising output by taking the following into account:
    • Facility layout and layout restrictions
    • machine/resource/material availability
    • (preferred) production sequence


  • Anomaly detection, including solution repository
  • Digital SOPs, including continuous improvement capabilities
  • Digital inspection, servicing compliance, and digital asset management


  • Conditional monitoring of capacity degeneration of heat-exchangers for JIT CIP
  • Monitoring the filtering capacity of membrane filters to minimize abstract losses


  • CO2 footprint measurement
  • Cooling capacity optimization
  • CIP fine tuning to reduce caustic detergent and water usage


  • Advanced production logging, the data foundation for detecting (a combination of) settings that cause potential product quality issues
  • In-line image recognition for automated detection of product issues

Continuous improvement

  • Manning board
  • Production performance dashboards (SQDEC)
  • C4 problem solving
  • Knowledge management

Ready to implement the future into your plant?