Leading technology and consulting companies Valcon and 2021.AI forge partnership to advance AI model governance

Copenhagen, 21.06.2023 – Valcon and 2021.AI announce their partnership aimed at ensuring compliant and productive use of artificial intelligence. Leveraging 2021.AI’s AI Governance Platform, Valcon will deploy responsible AI governance into its practices and help its clients foster responsible and compliant value creation through the new large language models (LLMs) such as ChatGPT.

Valcon, a European-leading provider of technology, data and consulting services, is partnering with 2021.AI to advance AI governance, hereunder compliant and productive use of the LLMs. The two companies share the common goal of aiding European organisations with responsible use of AI, both dedicated to being early developers and adopters of the new technologies. The partnership has already resulted in several exciting new AI projects and AI innovative initiatives.

Lasse Mortensen, Partner and Head of Data at Valcon Nordics, said, ”As the new AI models will inevitably find their way into our work, we take a proactive stance and embrace our role as early adopters ourselves. We prioritise a cautious approach in which we explore the value of the new AI models without compromising our integrity or that of our clients. We are grateful to have a like-minded partner in 2021.AI, with whom we have already collaborated on several successful projects, and we are looking forward to a long and fruitful partnership.”

Leveraging 2021.AI’s enterprise AI platform GRACE, Valcon will be able to ensure responsible use of ChatGPT and other LLMs at scale. “We are thrilled to be partnering with Valcon. It is our ambition to be working with the best and most respected consulting companies – Valcon is such a company,” commented the CEO and founder of 2021.AI, Mikael Munck. “We look forward to jointly developing and delivering responsible use of many new ChatGPT and other LLMs and services to Valcons end-clients, and not least to support the responsible use of these internally at Valcon.”

The partnership between Valcon and 2021.AI will be rolled out in several stages. Before summer, Valcon will leverage 2021.AI’s AI Governance Platform to deploy responsible AI governance practices into its in-house operations. This will ensure adherence to ethical and regulatory requirements across the industries in which Valcon’s clients operate. In the second half of 2023, Valcon will aid its clients by offering a combination of advice and execution of ChatGPT, LLMs and other AI model projects including a complete processes framework to ensure and foster responsible and compliant value creation with AI.

As leading companies in the European AI landscape, Valcon and 2021.AI are ready to spearhead innovative AI advancements and set new benchmarks within the industry.

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