Trine Baun to drive technology and business in the financial services sector in the Nordics

Valcon, a leading European consultancy specialising in technology, data and consulting, recently announced the appointment of Thomas Erichsen to lead the financial services practice in the Nordic region. Now, the team also welcomes Trine Baun, whose extensive consulting experience in digitalisation for enhanced business value, exceptional customer experiences and streamlined cost-effectiveness further strengthens our commitment to fortify our position and elevate our capabilities within the Nordic financial services sector.

Trine is an accomplished executive advisor who excels at the intersection of business and technology. Based on her more than two decades of experience in consulting, including her role as a partner in large consultancies, she advises organisations on implementing efficient strategies, organisational topics and digitalisation as means to become more customer-centric and cost-efficient. With a passion for delivering business value through the adoption of new technologies, Trine is focused on creating immediate results while building the infrastructures of the future.

Thomas Erichsen, Partner at Valcon, commented: “We are thrilled to welcome Trine to our Nordic FSI Team. Trine will bring FSI domain knowledge as well as an impressive track record of successful achievements from various FSI clients in the Nordics.”

Trine commented: “I chose to join Valcon because Valcon stood out as a company that successfully combines technology, data and consulting to create tangible results for our clients. I am really excited to be part of a company that matches where I thrive; working at the crossroad of IT and business to deliver real business value. The chance of collaboratively shaping the financial services sector alongside a team of exceptional professionals together with our clients is thrilling.”

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