Thomas Erichsen new head of financial services in the Nordics

Valcon, a leading European consultancy specialising in technology, data and consulting, has announced the appointment of Thomas Erichsen as the new lead for the financial services practice in the Nordic region. The strategic addition of Thomas underscores our dedication to fortifying our position and expanding our capabilities within the Nordic financial services sector.

Thomas is an accomplished strategic leader with a proven track record in driving innovation, technology and development in the financial services sector. With a distinguished background as an executive leader in prominent Danish companies, most recently as the Group EVP of Topdanmark, Thomas brings a wealth of experience and strategic insight to develop and future-proof the business in the intersection between customers, technology and organisational dynamics. His unique skill set positions him perfectly to spearhead Valcon’s efforts in the financial services sector across the Nordic region.

Geert van den Goor, Group CEO of Valcon, commented: “We are thrilled to welcome Thomas Erichsen as the leader of Valcon’s strategic advancement in the Nordic financial services sector. Thomas’s extensive experience and exceptional track record make him the perfect fit for this crucial role. His deep understanding of the industry, coupled with his innovative thinking and proven ability to drive growth will be instrumental in propelling Valcon to new heights. We have full confidence in Thomas’s strategic vision and believe he will successfully steer our business towards great success in the financial services sector.”

Thomas Erichsen said: ”Valcon is a true execution partner that embodies the ambition and vision I share when it comes to consultancy services. As someone who has relied on consultancy for many years, I find Valcon’s ability to execute and deliver to be unparalleled. The combination of management consulting, IT delivery, data and technology makes Valcon an exceptionally relevant player in transformation initiatives within the financial services sector. I eagerly look forward to assuming leadership of Valcon’s financial services practices alongside an immensely competent team.”

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The team has also been joined by Bjørn Büchmann-Slorup and Trine Baun. Bjørn will bring extensive experience in driving commercial excellence and business development to the team, while Trine brings valuable expertise with implementing efficient strategies, organisational topics and digitalisation.

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