By Geert van den Goor – Managing Partner

We are happy and very proud to announce that in January 2024, we have promoted over 160 great and skilled Valconeers!

Our warmest congratulations to you all 🙂

Promotions in Consulting

Associate Partners:

Gerbrand Goede, Associate Partner

Johan Barkfors, Associate Partner

Johnathan Williams, Associate Partner

Michiel Droogsma, Associate Partner


Steven van der Kruk, Partner

Senior Managers:

Dana Bonnema, Senior Manager

Dennis Oostdam, Senior Manager

Charlotte Nijland, Senior Manager

Floor Ekelschot, Senior Manager

Hanneke van Mierlo, Senior Manager

Kristian Schneider, Senior Manager

Lotte Snoek, Senior Manager

Luc Whittaker, Senior Manager

Rasmus Hempel, Senior Manager

Rowan Oldenburger, Senior Manager

Suzanne Koop, Senior Manager

Thomas Pier, Senior Manager

Victoria Stevens, Senior Manager


Emma Kurstjens, Manager

Eveline Blikslager, Manager

Fabiënne Derks, Manager

Fleur van den Elshout, Manager

Harrison Franks, Manager

Iris Bodelier, Manager

Joakim Viggers, Manager

Juliët van Gent, Manager

Lara Thomae, Manager

Matthijs Rameckers, Manager

Melissa Pranger, Manager

Miranda Visser, Manager

Ruben Stukart, Manager

Thomas Hannah, Manager

Tycho Luttik, Manager

Vera Broerse, Manager

Wilco Muller, Manager

Willemijn van Ginneken, Manager

Yorick van Amstel, Manager

Daphne Wolfs, Manager

Senior Consultants:

Bjorn Broeksteeg, Senior Consultant

Carmen van den Berg, Senior Consultant

Cassandra Win, Senior Consultant

Chiara Zanin, Senior Consultant

Daniel Bryce, Senior Consultant

Dieuwertje Claessen, Senior Consultant

Dominique Aschebrock, Senior Consultant

Dyantha Fisser, Senior Consultant

Hielke Klomp, Senior Consultant

Jolien Sillekens, Senior Consultant

Laurens Jansen, Senior Consultant

Lieke Pouwels, Senior Consultant

Ludo Noldus, Senior Consultant

Maureen Jansen, Senior Consultant

Mayra Keuning, Senior Consultant

Milou Dijksterhuis, Senior Consultant

Nienke Michels, Senior Consultant

Pauline Slebos, Senior Consultant

Sien Reijnen, Senior Consultant

Tom Murray, Senior Consultant

Vy Vu, Senior Consultant

Willeke Bredewold, Senior Consultant

Promotions in Technology

Associate Partner:

Helen Belshaw, Associate Partner

Jade Haayen, Associate Partner

Senior Principal:

Ivo de Boer, Senior Principal

Kenny Lau, Senior Principal


Bianca Beerepoot, Principal

Bob van Hoek, Principal

Bram Knols, Principal

Dries Zumker, Principal

Gokul Venkatesan, Principal

Martin Sven Kovačić, Principal

Merijn Tiebie, Principal

Miruna Stefan, Principal

Ron de Lang, Principal

Steve Baughan, Principal

Tomislav Miklenić, Principal

Vlatka Fundak, Principal

Senior Manager:

Maaike van Alphen, Senior Manager

Stella Baughan, Senior Manager


Aneja Orlic, Manager

Fred van der Vliet, Manager

Gabriel Wåhlberg, Manager

Kaspar Huizing, Manager

Nathalie van Hunnik, Manager

Rence van Hunnik, Manager

Senior Specialist:

Alex de Meyer, Senior Specialist

Antun Barišić, Senior Specialist

Borneo Culović, Senior Specialist

Elias Faid, Senior Specialist

Esther Ejedenawe, Senior Specialist

Glenn De Decker, Senior Specialist

Karla Miljak, Senior Specialist

Lobel Vetengl, Senior Specialist

Lonneke Goossens, Senior Specialist

Lucas Hoogeveen, Senior Specialist

Lucija Gudelj, Senior Specialist

Maike Bruls, Senior Specialist

Maria Petra MPC Chatzipetrou, Senior Specialist

Matej Ebne, Senior Specialist

Mateo Jukić, Senior Specialist

Naeem Choudhury, Senior Specialist

Rutger van Eijk, Senior Specialist

Talha Kothari, Senior Specialist

Promotions in Data


Johan van Rooij, Director

Michael Palmer, Director

Roy Thomassen, Director

Senior Managers:

Bart Vree Egberts, Senior Manager

Robin van der Heijden, Senior Manager

Sjuul Swart, Senior Manager


Bram Cals, Manager

Jasper van Ooijen, Manager

Larissa Heshusius, Manager

Senior Principals:

Alban Colley, Senior Principal

Diede Kemper, Senior Principal

Ebel Weelinck, Senior Principal

Gerard Olsthoorn, Senior Principal

Lawrence Stolk, Senior Principal

Maurits Greving, Senior Principal

Michiel Nouwens, Senior Principal

Miko de Haas, Senior Principal

Nicolette Stassen, Senior Principal

Rachit Gupta, Senior Principal

Stephanie Martin – Le Sage, Senior Principal


Bastiaan de Groot, Principal

Geanpaul Mercera, Principal

Gary Wilson, Principal

Ilse van Keulen, Principal

Laurens Wolswijk, Principal

Maaike Maas, Principal

Matej Groznica, Principal

Matija Draženović, Principal

Merel Vergaaij, Principal

Nik de Geus, Principal

Rob Lemmens, Principal

Shiwanie Soebhag, Principal

Stan van Klink, Principal

Zeynab Rashidpour, Principal

Senior Specialists:

André Aartsma, Senior Specialist

Ashwanth Prakash, Senior Specialist

Bastien Tran Van Ba, Senior Specialist

Bob Swaak, Senior Specialist

Djamila Lopulalan, Senior Specialist

Emilie Boudens, Senior Specialist

Inge Werner, Senior Specialist

Joeke Risseeuw, Senior Specialist

Jussi Boersma, Senior Specialist

Jurriaan Oudenaarden, Senior Specialist

Kelian van Pernis, Senior Specialist

Lars Janssen, Senior Specialist

Neelansh Balhara, Senior Specialist

Ning Zhang, Senior Specialist

Nikodem Olsavsky, Senior Specialist

Niels de Groot, Senior Specialist

Nordin Bouchrit, Senior Specialist

Rosa Kristoffersen, Senior Specialist

Sam de Boer, Senior Specialist

Tunya Heeres, Senior Specialist

Vrushali Bhosale, Senior Specialist

Youri Vroege, Senior Specialist

Senior Consultants

Jur Mijjer, Senior Consultant

Maurits Jansen, Senior Consultant

Montana Roelvink, Senior Consultant

Business Support

Lydia Atchison, Marketing Executive

Laura Hermans, Manager

Rachael Baxter, Head of Resourcing

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