Welcome to Valcon

By Geert van den Goor – Managing Partner

We are happy and proud to welcome new colleagues to our teams across Valcon in June 🙂

Our new team members are:

Anique du Bois

Charlotte Boormans

Christine Nygaard Lyngdorf

Denis Pavičić

Ferdinand Hirschmann

Gijs Bastiaanssen

Inge Schreuder

Ivan Brajković

Ivan Curić

Jakob Mau Geerthsen

Jean-Luc Budel

Jeffrey Colin

Konstantinos Sempekos

Matija Majdanac

Mirthe Hendriks

Patrick Zwiers

Sabrina Rozenfeld Cederholm

Sam Drijfhout

Sasa Ivanovic

Timo Mascini

Tjebbe Treub

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