Welcome to Valcon

By Geert van den Goor – Managing Partner

We are happy and proud to welcome more new colleagues to our team across Valcon in June:-)

Our new team members are:

Anders Lundsgaard Ebbesen

Asger Dam

Bjørn Buchmann-Slorup

Dardan Jashari

Dennis Hoogland

Frederik Sylvest

Henrik Gadegaard

Huup de Jong

Isa Diender

Juliet Stamhuis

Kevin Brandt Sørensen

Lama Ajaj

Lars Oomen

Linnea Grand Christoffersen

Maike Bruls

Marconi Moscoso Cruz

Robin Deun

Ronni Pedersen

Sebastiaan Hooijschuur

Trine Baun

Valdemar Ring

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