Bjørn Büchmann-Slorup to drive commercial excellence in the financial services sector in the Nordics

Valcon, a leading European consultancy specialising in technology, data and consulting, recently announced the appointment of Thomas Erichsen as the new lead for the financial services practice in the Nordic region. Now, the team will be joined by Bjørn Büchmann-Slorup who will bring extensive experience in driving commercial excellence and business development to the team. The strategic addition of Bjørn underscores our dedication to fortifying our position and expanding our capabilities within the Nordic financial services sector.

Bjørn is a commercial leader with a proven track record in the financial services industry. Throughout his career, Bjørn has specialised in delivering commercial impact and transformation in the cross-section between technology, data and people, most recently as the Senior Vice President at Danske Bank. Having led commercial teams in both headquarters and local markets, Bjørn possesses a deep understanding of ensuring effective commercial execution and results. His unique ability to combine human and digital elements positions him perfectly to contribute to Valcon’s efforts in the financial services sector across the Nordic region.

Thomas Erichsen, Partner at Valcon, commented: “We are thrilled to welcome Bjørn to our Nordic FSI Team. Bjørn is a senior practitioner with extensive experience in both consulting and the banking industry, where he has held several senior leadership positions, successfully building and leading commercial excellence and digitalisation efforts at scale. Bjørn is a strong commercial thinker who effortlessly transitions between the strategic to operational levels without losing sight of the core objectives. Combined with his high ambitions, ethical standards, collaborative nature and a “can-do” mindset, Bjørn is a perfect fit for our FSI Team.”

Bjørn commented: “During my years in the Financial Industry, it has become increasingly clear that you need the right set of capabilities across the value chain to modernise your business and drive lasting change. I am super excited to have joined Valcon for that exact reason. Valcon has solid expertise in technology, IT delivery, data and analytics solutions, which is combined with a culture and DNA that is all about pragmatic management consulting focused on execution. I look forward to helping our clients achieve their ambitions together with the rest of the team.”

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