Embracing low code for shop floor digitalisation: Unlocking efficiency and competitive edge

In the realm of digitalisation, low-code technologies have been steadily gaining traction since 2008. However, their adoption on the shop floor, particularly in manufacturing, has remained relatively low. In this article, we will explore the transformative changes that have taken place, making it an opportune time to embrace low code in production environments. Partnering with Valcon and our ecosystem collaborators, we can swiftly implement adaptive digital solutions that revolutionise the shop floor while ensuring cost-effectiveness.

Overcoming barriers to shop floor digitalisation

While low code adoption in enterprise settings is projected to reach 40% within the next three years, its utilisation on the shop floor has been limited. Several factors contribute to this disparity. Firstly, low code developers often lack a deep understanding of operational technology (OT) environments, impeding their seamless integration. Connecting with various OT devices, such as machines, conveyer belts, robot arms, and MES systems, presents challenges due to the diversity of connectivity protocols. Furthermore, the agile mindset focused on MVPs and iterations may not align optimally with the demands of a production environment where speed and robustness are paramount. On-premises deployment requirements also hinder the adoption of cloud-based low-code platforms.

Siemens: Pioneering industrial software

As the largest software vendor in the industry, Siemens recognised the potential of low code and acquired Mendix, a leading player in the low code space. This strategic move aimed to simplify digitalisation for Siemens’ industrial client base. Siemens leverages Mendix as the presentation and customisation layer for their power centre and OPS centre products. Furthermore, the Mendix ecosystem features innovative solutions from other players, streamlining the complexities of digitalising the shop floor.

Simplifying shop floor digitalisation with Factorise

Valcon collaborates closely with Factorise, a company offering a suite of adaptive applications designed to address typical shop floor digitalisation needs. These applications encompass production dashboards, issue management, manning boards, and more. What sets Factorise apart is their comprehensive OT connection kit, enabling bidirectional data connectivity with over 500 OT devices, including leading suppliers like Schneider Electric and ABB. Moreover, Factorise provides OT devices like smart workstations and OEE gates, further enhancing shop floor capabilities. Leveraging the Mendix platform, Factorise’s applications offer out-of-the-box functionality that adds value within days, not months. Additionally, the flexibility of the Mendix platform empowers the customisation and development of tailor-made applications as required.

Factorise and Valcon: Driving shop floor transformation

With a proven track record in implementing Lean/Six Sigma improvement programs for industrial clients, Valcon brings extensive expertise and a sizeable team of over 100 skilled Mendix developers to the table. This unique combination of consulting proficiency, OT/IT experience, and implementation capabilities positions Valcon as Factorise’s preferred partner for software implementation. Together, we pave the way for successful shop floor digitalisation by harnessing the power of low-code technology.

The time is now: Embrace low code IT/OT on the shop floor

Many manufacturing companies have faced challenges along their digitalisation journeys. While Industry 4.0 holds great promise, realising its full potential remains a formidable task. However, the emergence of low code, combined with bidirectional OT connectivity, presents a significant opportunity to accelerate digitalisation efforts. By embracing these technologies, manufacturers can differentiate themselves from competitors, reduce reliance on highly experienced yet ageing personnel, and attract a new wave of talent seeking a digitally enhanced factory experience.

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Author: Gert Hemmingsen

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