Valcon and Factorise empower impactful digitalisation on your shop floor

From insights leading to improvements on the production site, changes in engineering, and supply chain enhancements, we guide and implement the right choices to streamline your shop floor

Our unrivaled approach to consulting, data expertise, and Factorise’s end-to-end solution positions us as the ideal partner to drive your shop floor digital transformation.

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    We understand the shop floor pain points you face today:

    • Aging workforce
    • Understanding and documenting processes, either on paper of in people’s minds
    • Turning collected production data into useful information to drive performance
    • Integrating information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT)

    Real-time shop floor performance transparency

    Structured data-driven problem solving

    Utilising digital standards to capture and store knowledge

    Continuous operator feedback and

    Delivering all these benefits when you digitalise your shopfloor

    The benefits of Data-Driven Lean Manufacturing

    Our lean shop floor digitalisation solution streamlines your processes, delivering real value.

    • Reduced waste: identify and eliminate waste, such as rework, overproduction and inventory
    • Improved quality: improve product quality by identifying and correcting defaults, early
    • Increased productivity: automate tasks and improve your workflow
    • Better decision making using real-time data and insights

    Introducing the features of Data-Driven Lean Manufacturing

    Planning with manning and daily boards

    Helps you track and manage your workforce. It provides a comprehensive overview of who is working, who is qualified, and what certifications they have.

    Daily huddle with real-time KPIs

    Allows you to define rules to indicate performance levels, customise your KPIs and track and monitor the performance of your shopfloor operation.

    Enhanced Gemba Walks

    Provides you with digital platform for conducting Gemba walks efficiently. Allowing you to store notes, capture images, and document observations while on the shopfloor.  

    Data capture with dynamic checklists

    Designed to empower your quality control processes, it allows you to create template root cause checklists to pin point areas that require more attention.

    The full ecosystem

    Discover the power of our people and the ecosystem of main partners

    Our people

    • Lean Six Sigma
    • Toyota Operational Excellence
    • IT in an OT environment
    • Low code and full-stack software engineering
    • Data extraction and insights
    • Change management


    • Extensible solutions tailored to the shop floor
    • Strong partnership to deliver data-driven operational excellence
    • Example domains: production performance, issue tracking, and problem-solving, daily boards, and manufacturing intelligence
    • Built-in OT connectivity
    • Deployable on the edge

    Mendix powered by Siemens

    • The leading low-code platform
    • Funded and led by the largest worldwide production software player
    • Knowledge of IT and OT domains

    We’re trusted by some of the biggest organisations to deliver their transformation needs

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