“We certainly do not suppress or harass anyone at our workplace.”

The recent development has made a statement such as this sound hollow. Leaders across the country have looked on stunned as protests from their own and other employees have laid bare the extent of sexism and abusive behaviour. Enough has had enough and have started to give voice to their frustrations.

1,615 women from the media industry and more than 750 women from Denmark’s universities have thus signed a petition on abusive behaviour. Add to this 322 politicians, 284 from unions and almost 800 signatures from doctors. 15% of Denmark’s nurses stated that they had experienced abusive behaviour, and in the Danish Armed Forces, they now have more than 100 cases on abusive behaviour. In a new survey from KVINFO, 44.5% of female respondents in the IT industry answered that they had experienced abusive behaviour, and in a study from 2020, every fourth member of the union HK answered that they had experienced e.g. unwanted touches, inappropriate looks, dirty jokes or sexual comments. And unfortunately, we could go on like is with examples and data.

The point is that we now know that abusive behaviour is an issue at basically all workplaces, probably also at yours.

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