24/7 A day in the life of a Valcon employee I Eleonora Imperatore

Not one to embrace early mornings, I willingly sacrifice breakfast in exchange for a few precious extra minutes of sleep. At 7 AM, I can no longer delay getting up, so I swiftly prepare myself to set off on my daily commute to the office. Upon entering the office, I make it my initial task to secure a cup of steaming espresso, black, which marks the beginning of my day as a consultant.

I always go to the office because I genuinely enjoy building relationships and spending time with my colleagues. While coffee replenishes my energy reserves, it is the energy derived from face-to-face interactions with my colleagues, stakeholders and clients that truly fuels my enthusiasm.

Every morning, my team gathers for check-in meetings where we discuss our project tasks and assess the need for additional team support. These meetings foster a collaborative and supportive environment in which I am reassured that a sparring partner or advisor is always within reach. To get to know the people I work with on a more personal level, I prioritise sitting together with colleagues and stakeholders at lunch. This is a great opportunity to talk about our lives, routines and interests outside of work.

Beyond the confines of the office, I also organise team dinners and team-building activities together with the client and my colleagues. Among others, we have organised a Japanese cooking class, and another time a padel game in the afternoon. I frequently engage in social activities with my colleagues after work, whether it’s a casual beer at the Friday bar or attending concerts and cultural events together, even on weekends.

I only started working as a consultant last September, when I joined Valcon’s graduate programme alongside other graduates. Being part of the graduate programme has provided ample opportunities for me to meet, bond and learn from peers during the modules. As this marks my first experience in the consulting industry, I deeply value the chance to exchange work experiences with fellow graduates, even though our projects may differ.

In my current project, my main focus is on qualitative data. This involves conducting numerous interviews and carefully analysing the gathered information. Through these tasks, I have had the chance to meet and interact with a diverse range of people, enhancing my ability to engage with individuals from various backgrounds, professions and age groups. Additionally, I had the privilege of travelling to Delhi and Kuala Lumpur in Asia, which provided enriching experiences and first-hand insight into different working cultures worldwide. These experiences have not only expanded my industry knowledge but also aligned perfectly with my natural curiosity to explore the unfamiliar.

Since joining Valcon, I feel like I have developed greatly. I have learned how to prioritise my tasks at hand, how to coordinate multiple streams of work at the same time, how to negotiate, how to engage with different people at the client and how to maintain relationships. Most importantly, I have learned how to keep a positive attitude even on the days when my motivation is low; being surrounded by smart and supportive colleagues certainly makes it easier. Whenever I need advice or support on how to handle a situation or task, I go to my mentor who has had a crucial role in supporting my career development at Valcon.

Looking ahead, I envision my continual growth and development at Valcon, where there is a constant influx of projects and opportunities. Driven by my curious personality, I am eager to work on diverse projects and gain a comprehensive understanding of various industries.

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