We helped a startup discover the commercial opportunities of digitalising the luggage journey​


Airport luggage has been one of the aviation industry’s key challenges as it is expensive, time-consuming and full of risks to handle. Since COVID-19, the challenge has only increased in size. Our client had developed a state-of-the-art digital product to help digitalise the luggage journey and was aiming to go live with a consumer-target product as soon as possible. However, they were questioning how and where to commercialise.


Valcon developed a full commercial plan with explorative and data-driven analysis on how and where to go to market with the product. This was done through a full commercial analysis evaluating market attractiveness and customer needs, using insights from expert interviews, industry reports and surveys to shape and scope the ideal proposition and go-to-market strategy.


In close collaboration with the client, Valcon successfully built a short-term plan for how to deploy the product accompanied by a blueprint for scalability. The project approach was based on hypothesis-driven problem-solving aimed at validating, rejecting or refining the initial concepts. The project helped the client become as operational as possible, supported by corresponding scenarios, action plans, expected output and technical requirements​.

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