We supported consistent financial and operational reporting for construction company


The CFO needed consistent financial and operational reporting crossing horizontal and vertical organisational boundaries. There were many versions of the truth throughout the organisation. A lot of manual labour was lost on Excel activities not only within the finance department but throughout the entire organisation. The client needed to become more data-driven and use the right insights for better operational and hence financial performance.

A Big4 party started with a PowerBI initiative for part of the scope (finance) but lacked the proper data foundation capabilities to be successful. Valcon took over in the role of a trusted BI supplier.


We helped the client build a proper data foundation in Azure and PowerBI with the right delivery and QA processes in place to ensure high-quality data. We also helped the client build an internal BI capability (currently 4 on a team of 12 in total) and a federated BI Center of Excellence. Data governance was rolled out in the Construct unit.

We are working on architecture for defining the analytics architecture for the future. Technology and way of working will be rolled out in 2021 in 3 other Opco’s. Valcon is now the preferred partner to help with the implementation.

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