We helped Sund & Bælt with a digital transformation of the organisation into a data-driven organisation with the use of new technologies


Sund & Bælt wanted to transform their traditional infrastructure organisation into a data-driven organisation to take advantage of new technologies such as drones and sensors and thereby realise budget cost savings. This required Sund & Bælt to not only change the way they organised their work but also how they collected and used data.


Valcon helped Sund & Bælt design their to-be organisation to help them realise their strategy and handle the transformation with an agile approach.

An IoT concept was developed and supported the development from idea to implementation. The strategy was connected with operations through asset management, and Valcon acted as the programme leader in cooperation with EAMS Group and IBM to develop Sund & Bælt’s asset management.

Project managers’ competencies were developed on-site to achieve an overall higher project management competence level in the organisation. An agile project war room with daily/weekly status meetings was established to ensure progress and transparency.


The project resulted in budget cut savings by 10% during the project, and with much more to come.

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