Valcon Becomes Solution Partner In Microsoft Cloud Partner Program

Utrecht, 25 November 2022: Valcon, the leading European consultancy specialising in technology, data and people, is delighted to announce it has attained a Solutions Partner designation in the Microsoft Cloud Partner Programme. Valcon is one of the first organisations to attain this accreditation.

The solution partner status is recognition of Valcon’s technical capabilities, experience and ability to deliver successful customer outcomes aligned to the Microsoft Cloud. The accreditation also symbolises Microsoft’s ambition to empower its partner organisations with the capabilities, resources and industry depth to best serve customers.

Micosoft has awarded Valcon solution partner status in digital and application innovation for MS Azure and Data & AI (artificial intelligence) for MS Azure.

Twan Van Rossum, Partner at Valcon commented: “We are proud that Valcon is one of the first partner organisations to achieve the status of Solution Partner in Microsoft’s Cloud Partner Programme. This accreditation gives clients the confidence that we have the ultimate approval from Microsoft in terms of implementing Azure solutions. We are committed to achieving the best results for clients and this is a recognition of that commitment.”

About Valcon

Consulting firm Valcon was created by a merger of the Dutch First Consulting and the consultancy Viqtor Davis and Valcon Nordics. More than 1,300 advisors work at Valcon. Valcon provides advanced consulting business services (such as strategies, processes and change management) with technologies (such as low code and operational process automation) and data (from data platforms to data science). Valcon is active in the Netherlands, Great Britain, Germany, Sweden, Denmark and Croatia.

More information

Twan van Rossum, [email protected]