Maximising investments in sales systems: Valcon’s pre-study approach

By Wille Mildebrath

Most sales system implementations fail due to a lack of clear objectives and strategy, inadequate stakeholder engagement and underestimating the total cost of ownership. At a time when the intricacies of sales systems such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) tools are becoming increasingly sophisticated, the need for a thorough preparatory analysis cannot be overstated.

Valcon offers a comprehensive pre-study service designed to equip companies with the insights and frameworks necessary for making informed decisions about investing in sales systems. This article delves into how Valcon’s approach not only helps uncover business needs and substantiate the investment case but also lays a robust groundwork for vendor selection and system implementation.

Understanding business needs and scoping requirements

The cornerstone of Valcon’s pre-study is a deep dive into the business needs of the client. This phase is pivotal, as it ensures that any technological solution proposed aligns perfectly with the client’s strategic objectives and sales processes. By engaging stakeholders broadly and analysing current sales operations, market dynamics and future growth plans, Valcon identifies the specific functionalities and capabilities that the CRM and CPQ tools need to deliver. This bespoke approach ensures that the proposed system aligns seamlessly with the client’s unique business model and sales strategy.

Budgeting and investment case analysis

With a clear understanding of the requirements, Valcon proceeds to the financial aspects of the investment. This involves calculating the total cost of ownership (TCO) of the proposed sales systems, considering not just the initial acquisition costs but also ongoing operational expenses. Valcon’s analysis extends to building a comprehensive investment case, demonstrating the expected return on investment (ROI) through enhanced sales efficiency, improved customer relationships and increased revenue generation opportunities. This meticulous financial modelling empowers clients to make investment decisions with confidence.

Technical considerations and preliminary vendor assessment

The technical dimension of Valcon’s pre-study covers a thorough assessment of the required integrations with existing systems, the optimal information model to support data-driven decision-making and the scalability of the solutions. Valcon’s expertise in technology and data ensures that the proposed systems are not only technically feasible but also capable of adapting to future business changes. Concurrently, a preliminary vendor assessment is conducted to identify potential partners that can meet the client’s specific requirements, which lays the groundwork for a successful vendor selection process. It should be noted that since Valcon is not affiliated with any one vendor, the pre-study leads to the best-fit options rather than tailoring the selection process to one specific system.

Process, organisation, roles and culture review

Recognising that the success of any sales system extends beyond technology, Valcon includes an in-depth review of the client’s processes, organisational structure, roles and culture. This holistic approach ensures that the proposed solution enhances, rather than disrupts, the existing sales workflow. Valcon identifies opportunities for process optimisation and role realignment and initiates the crucial conversation around culture change, facilitating a smooth transition and adoption of the new system.

Co-creation and implementation support

Perhaps most importantly, Valcon adopts a co-creation model that works hand-in-hand with the client team throughout the pre-study. This collaborative approach ensures that the plans for vendor selection are not only informed by Valcon’s expertise but also deeply embedded in the client’s organisational context. Following the pre-study, Valcon stands ready to support the client through the implementation phase, ensuring that the transition to the new sales system is seamless and the anticipated business benefits are fully realised.


Valcon’s pre-study service for CRM and CPQ systems investment is a testament to our commitment to ensuring that our clients not only choose the right technology solutions but also prepare their organisations for the transformative change such systems bring. By addressing the financial, technical, organisational and cultural aspects of system selection and implementation, Valcon enables its clients to embark on their technology investment journey with clarity, confidence and a solid foundation for success.

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Wille Mildebrath
Senior Manager
[email protected]