How young consultants navigate the ‘boundless work life’

Despite the demanding nature of consulting, Valcon Nordics is working to shift the industry narrative away from constant overwork and introduce flexibility, as highlighted by the experiences of consultants Julie Grønbech Clausen and Jacob Dahlslund Buus.

They report variable work hours, sometimes as a standard workweek of 37 hours, but extending significantly during busy periods. Initiatives have been introduced to retain young talent by rewarding more than just excessive work hours and offering greater flexibility. This is crucial as a recent survey from Djøf (a Danish trade union representing members who study or work within the areas of law, economics, strategy, management, politics, administration, business, research, communication and more) indicates that overwork remains prevalent among young consultants in Denmark.

Jacob Dahlslund Buus and Julie Grønbech Clausen, consultants at Valcon

Both Julie and Jacob balance high-level sports with their consulting roles, emphasising the importance of self-discipline and personal responsibility in managing workloads. Valcon supports this balance by allowing consultants to influence their project roles and recognising their overall development, not just their output.

These changes reflect a broader Danish industry trend towards valuing openness and dialogue with young professionals, enhancing both personal and professional growth. This strategic shift is not only about fostering a supportive work culture but also about ensuring consultants can thrive without compromising their well-being or personal interests.

You can read more about work-life balance at Valcon Nordics in this article (in Danish) from Sådan holder unge konsulenter kursen i »det grænseløse arbejdsliv«.

If you want to know more about the survey performed by Djøf, you can read the article (in Danish): “Konsulenternes evige skisma: Kunden er centrum, men talenterne »er det dyrebareste«.

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