Typeqast joins Valcon

By Twan van Rossum – Partner

This strengthens Valcon’s technological and data practices to make strategy work with end-to-end consulting

Utrecht, 28 January 2022 – After the recent launch of the Valcon brand and the announcement of P2 Consulting joining the group in the United Kingdom, it is today announced that Typeqast joins the group. This fits with Valcon’s ambition to become a premium north-western European operations consulting company merged with deep technology and data capabilities. Typeqast recently joined forces with Hybrid IT Solutions, an IT service company in Serbia, to make an even stronger IT group.

Typeqast (together with Hybrid IT Solutions) is a leading provider of a broad range of IT services for European companies. With 250 technology professionals working from Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Romania, Typeqast serves clients from a broad range of industries, from travel and hospitality to financial services, insurance, energy, healthcare and many more. Typically, Typeqast serves clients by providing agile, economical and highly qualified software development teams as a service. Valcon and Typeqast already work together in the joint venture FirstQast which provides Valcon’s clients with nearshore services concerning low-code platforms. Typeqast and Hybrid IT Solutions also worked closely together for years before they became one company.

Valcon Group Managing Partner, Geert van den Goor, commented: “I am very excited about Typeqast joining us. This combination not only strengthens our technology capability but also allows us to help our clients with a broader portfolio of services. This is especially important in a technology market where there is an enormous scarcity of technology professionals throughout Europe. We have already worked together with Typeqast for a few years and are impressed with their professionalism and quality of services”.

“Typeqast brings the huge potential of highly qualified IT staff in Eastern Europe to our customers. Covid-19 has demonstrated that remote work can be efficient, which has accelerated the growth of Typeqast in the past year,” said Sonja Meijerink, CEO of Typeqast group. “Together with Valcon, we can serve more high-end clients and develop the complex platforms needed to implement the strategies and operational improvements that other Valcon companies are providing.”

About Valcon 

Valcon currently employs more than 1,000 consultants with expertise in connecting the critical links between strategy and operations with innovative technologies and data. The company is active in The Netherlands, United Kingdom, Denmark, Sweden and Germany. Valcon is backed by private equity firm Waterland.

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About Typeqast 

Typeqast Group, including its sister company Hybrid IT Solutions, provides nearshore IT services with more than 250 IT professionals from south-east Europe to clients in north-west Europe and the US. Typeqast provides agile, affordable and highly qualified software development teams-as-a-service and build complex, latest technology cloud platforms in hybrid teams together with third parties and clients. The portfolio includes Java, .Net, AWS and mobile, as well as teams of front-end and back-end developers, project managers, UI/ UX designers, testing and cloud engineering. Typeqast is active in Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Romania, serving over 40 customers in the Netherlands, UK, Germany and the US.

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