We helped SAS Cargo increase their market share through customer-centric lean


SAS Cargo was facing four major challenges of commercial, sales-related, operational and people-related nature:

  1. Commercial challenge: SAS Cargo experienced increased competition and severe yield pressure mainly due to increased capacity and lack of freight forwarder “loyalty”
  2. Sales challenge: SAS Cargo identified a need for a standardised hard-core and customer-driven approach targeting increased share of wallet among high-potential customers
  3. Operational challenge: SAS Cargo experienced a low level of standardisation, compliance and quality in main processes, such as booking, flight optimisation and handling
  4. People challenge: SAS Cargo needed to develop a culture that was highly customer-centric and commercially focused, holistic and lean thinking in order to effectively execute the new strategy and create growth


In close collaboration with Valcon, SAS Cargo developed a customer care programme grounded in lean principles. The programme included:

  • Insights converted into a toolbox for customer dialogue
  • Customer scorecard supports role as a strategic business partner
  • Detailed plans focused on developing customers
  • Customer journey that maps out critical moments of contact
  • Ongoing measuring of opportunities and challenges
  • Customer prioritisation guided by sales activities

Valcon’s change framework was used to scope the cultural change for SAS Cargo.


Within the first year, SAS Cargo was able to outperform the market by 6% and reduce its FTE costs by more than 10%.

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