Valcon helped a global manufacturer in securing a successful transformation of its QC department at a Danish plant


The QC department was in a situation of having severe backlogs, which could ultimately result in not meeting customer demands. At the same time, the client was looking into a merger where two labs were to move into one shared lab with cultural and process aspects calling for risk mitigation.


We helped the department in its transformation by implementing lean. The method included OPEX transformation, breakthrough projects, operational management, change labs and organisation. The project established the conditions for success by merging the two labs into one while also removing the backlogs and meeting delivery targets.


All critical KPIs were improved significantly, and backlogs were reduced by 75% and 90% in the two labs by introducing lean operational management and breakthrough projects.

Even more importantly, the needed alignment between the two labs in respect of operational management tools and behaviour was established, and a new organisation was formed and mobilised in full, preparing the move into the new lab.

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