We created a product matcher that allowed a supermarket to easily compare product prices


Studies on consumer behaviour show that costs are most important in deciding between food products. In an online world, where comparisons between competitors are easily made, the need to keep a regular watch on competitors’ prices is more important than ever.


The scraping solution extracts information of 15k competitor products on a daily basis, and stores the resulting information in the clients’ data warehouse. On top of the data warehouse, we have built a visual overview of our client’s products, matched with competitor products to summarise price differences. To prioritise between products and save time for the client, we especially focused on showing which products deviate above a certain threshold of their competitors’ products. Besides an overview of all competitors, we also included a deep-dive per competitor which consists of more detailed product information such as whether the product experienced any discount in the specified time.


Our solution is frequently used by the clients’ category managers to always stay ahead of the competition by setting prices as high as possible, without giving consumers the impression to be expensive.

Case Studies