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Welcome to Valcon

Geert van den Goor Managing Partner

We are happy and proud to welcome more new colleagues to our team across Valcon in March:-)

Our new team members are:

Allan Bendix Jensen

David Williams

Dorthe Grønvold Tjørnemark

Gavin Yeung

Iris Peters

Jelle Scholtens

Jochem Geurts

Joëlle Kok

Jovan Jovic

Koen Deckers

Koen Masteling

Leon van Schoonhoven

Lolke Reinstra

Mandric Slaven

Marko Avramovic

Matthijs Rameckers

Miguel Teixeira

Paul Hughes

Sam Deelen

Svetlana Smiljanic

Tamara Bilinac

Tianyi Chen

Vincent Mossinkoff

Wouter van Lelyveld

Yasmin Beij


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