Many organisations are looking to agile ways of working to solve numerous problems; Long time to market, lack of responsiveness to client and market needs, lack of cross-functional work, low employee motivation or too complex organisational structures.

Agile is not just a one-size-fits-all recipe for software development or a new way of working in teams.

The agile framework is essentially about managing and understanding your organisation’s shared conditions for continuous improvement of flow and value creation. It’s about enabling a customer-centric, team-driven organisation.

This usually calls for a change of mindset, not least for the leaders, and when the role of the leader shifts, it affects the way we work together, prioritize and measure success as well as our shared culture.

Our proven track record in driving agile transformations in both major public and private organisations demonstrates that sustainable results in today’s markets do not happen by simply adapting an agile framework and the related tools. An agile approach requires deep commitment from leaders across the entire operation – not just in IT – to fully realise the potential of the agile mindset and its principles.