We created data architecture at a contracting company

We created data architecture at a contracting company


The vision is to create a (digital) data hub and a data warehouse. However, the vision is somewhat unclear since the data hub and data warehouse are created separately without a clear idea of which one should be used and when. This posed a risk to usability and business value. Moreover, only a few projects/systems made use of this data layer.


The data hub and data warehouse were both technically and functionally examined to determine how they complement each other. Based on technologies, a specific set of definitions between the different systems was created. The technological requirements for each system were further refined based on functional use.


This resulted in reference architecture documents for both the data hub and the data warehouse, an updated architecture of the SkySpark system and front-end solution architecture that correctly integrates all three database systems. Various documents were well received by both the representatives and the architecture board.

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