Outsourcing system development for improved efficiency


Our client is a start-up supporting retailers to automate, digitise, and maximise their reach, offering digital screen and labelling solutions, as well as a bespoke in-house content management platform. Through this platform they provide customers with contextual, data-driven content by connecting digital touchpoints. Their vision is to turn observers into customers by informing and inspiring them.

The main challenge was managing the company’s development in-house – the original approach was expensive, plus knowledge transfer was not guaranteed between staff members. There was also a negative bias within the organisation toward off-shore and near-shore suppliers.


When the client team – which highly values strong connections and partnership – spoke to Valcon, they described it as ‘love at first sight.’ The two companies shared synergies, including a mutual ambition and the ability to be flexible.

Valcon created a scalable, cloud-based, multi-tenant solution with the main server component acting as a control, a frontend user dashboard and an Internet of Things (IoT) player component.

Built on modern frameworks and languages, the solution is easily adjustable to different types of player hardware and underlying operating systems. Scalable cloud solutions are used for deployment and communication between all the components.


  • Collaborative upgrade: the new state-of-the-art version of the content management platform incorporates data and learnings from past iterations, supported by new expertise from Valcon.
  • Future proof: the new platform is malleable and scalable to meet changing market demands now and into the future.
  • Uplift in client satisfaction: the firm’s retail clients responded very well to the new version of the content management platform.

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