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We helped a large insurance company co-create and train a team of AI professionals


A large insurance company set the ambition to develop a Centre of Excellence for AI to service all the different insurance labels. The aim of the CoE is to develop, standardise and deploy AI services across the organisation.


We take the role of a strategic partner in our client’s efforts to build the CoE, which we have supported in multiple manners. For example by advising the set-up of an AI CoE based on our expertise and experience, by becoming an integral part of the CoE to enable quick and high-quality development of cognitive services, by supporting the offering of AI services to the internal stakeholders and by providing training and education to the CoE members.


A well-trained and equipped CoE has been set up and the first cognitive service (Chat) has been created in a flexible and scalable manner, allowing the insurance labels to implement chat services in a structured manner.

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