man analysing data

We helped a bank develop a data quality dashboard for channel logon failures


The client is moving the digital channels – web and app – towards a new global application platform. Correct synchronisation of customer data from the legacy environment is of the highest importance for the successful rollout of this new target environment. Before a ramp-up of customers towards the new platform can take place, customer data quality issues need to be tackled and resolved.


We have set up a data warehouse in order to store involved customer and agreement data from legacy and target enviroments. In alignment with customer data squads, we have run daily queries on known issues and set up a daily call to analyse unknown failures.

The results were visualised in a data quality dashboard which gave an up-to-date status overview of the most important issues and their root cause. Based on this dashboard, the priority could be set for the resolution of these issues, enabling the project to tackle the major issues with the highest impact first.

We managed to quickly reduce the number of login failures to a manageable level, which had a big impact on speeding up the target implementation.

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