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Improving the speed and quality of Agile in digital transformation


This UK national regulator was undergoing a major digital transformation programme in order to improve the productivity of its workforce and the efficiency of its processes. The programme was utilising agile methodology to build user engagement with the digital transformation. But the regulator was struggling to deliver change at the pace they needed to and at the level of quality their business strategy required.

The regulator needed independent guidance to help them understand their challenges and propose and implement solutions that would increase the pace and quality of their transformation programme.


Valcon was brought in to provide objective advice and the agile expertise needed to get the programme back on track. Valcon initially conducted an assessment of the regulator’s goals, approach and processes, through reviewing its ways of working and conducting interviews with its senior stakeholders.

Valcon established a stakeholder engagement programme, running a range of educational workshops with the regulator’s board to help them understand the value of agile, what it meant for the organisation and what needed to happen next. For the programme teams, Valcon provided agile coaching and agile control experts to establish a controlled, scaled agile delivery approach across the programme.


The programme teams fundamentally changed their delivery approach leading to greater visibility of their pipeline and more rapid delivery of higher value outputs.

Having this review of agile within its programme capability, the regulator was able to establish a way of working that better engaged its supplier community.

For the first time, the programme teams had a clear line of sight to their end to end delivery pipeline, including visibility into the quality of their testing capability

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