Digitalising underwriting, distribution and claims management with HumbleBee

Business challenge

An insurer operating in the UK and continental Europe started a program to digitalise and standardise its small to medium enterprise (SME) business in Belgium, France, the UK and the Netherlands.

The decision was taken to transform its existing SME business with technology so they could better connect with their brokers, distributors and customers. The existing way of working wasn’t standarised and relied on a lot of manual processes. This meant the insurance firm was struggling to grow its SME business and to handle underwriting and claims requests from its SME clients and brokers effectively. This resulted in poor client engagement and satisfaction, as brokers and customers weren’t having an optimal digital experience.


The insurer realised that no existing commercially off-the-shelve solution would offer the scalability and flexibility the business was looking for. So in order to better connect to their brokers, distributors and customers, the insurance firm partnered with Mendix and implementation partner Valcon. Starting from a greenfield basepoint, the insurer used the Mendix low-code platform and Valcon’s HumbleBee solution framework, to implement a new end-to-end digital solution for underwriting and claims management.

A clear advantage of Mendix and HumbleBee was the underlying low-code technology, meaning for the insurer, it was much more straightforward to implement and adapt the distribution capabilities of the solution and to integrate the solution with its existing partner systems and data services. HumbleBee’s adaptive and open microservices architecture has also meant the insurance firm has been able to extend and customise the solution to suit its specific needs and requirements, using APIs and portals.


  • Easy configuration of new products: using HumbleBee’s run-time modular product configuration and dynamic case management, the insurer can now add and configure new products in a matter of days.
  • Easy collaboration: the new platform facilitates easy collaboration between brokers, underwriters and claim handlers.
  • Self-service: the solution also enables the insurer to set up omnichannel self-service for their brokers, significantly improving customer engagement and satisfaction with their insurance services.
  • Self-customisation: the insurance firm has also been able to adapt and customize the Mendix and HumbleBee solution to suit its specific requirements and needs, due to the low code technology of the solution.

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