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We helped an industrial wholesaler define a new, ambitious corporate strategy targeting industry-leading profitability through a unique and sustainable market position


Our client had in recent years seen declining profitability and struggled to grow revenues. Combined with recent divestitures of parts of the business, this brought a need for a new corporate strategy to set a clear direction for the entire organisation.


In cooperation with the management team, Valcon made it possible to define an ambitious corporate strategy through an involving process where input from the board, employees, customers and experts were utilised, and external market research and internal performance were analysed. The new 2022 strategy reflects the first phase towards a long-term vision of building a new position and sets out key commercial and operational must-win battles with associated financial potentials. Each must-win battle was broken down into detailed activities for the first year of the strategy period, including organisational changes, new customer segmentation and commercial approach as well as innovative digital solutions and operational excellence.


The project set the direction towards doubling profitability and returning to growth through a corporate strategy with clear must-win-battles anchored in the organisation.

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