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Artificial Intelligence Centre of Excellence


One of the largest insurance companies in the Netherlands serves 5 million customers across different insurance domains like health, property, casualty and income. With the growth of artificial intelligence and its proven value, the insurance company needs to build up knowledge and expertise to keep up with the pace of development and the changing market. Using techniques like chatbots, the company can serve its customers 24/7.


Valcon has set up a centre of excellence and trained a team of insurance company employees to develop chatbots for the different insurance domains, using knowledge graphs, natural language understanding and machine learning. Valcon also delivered a containerized non-linear chatbot solution that can be trained for domain specific use cases. Together with the client learning on the job, Valcon delivered customer-facing chatbots.


Having an expert team on artificial intelligence and chatbots, the insurance company expands its automated business services adding value to its customers directly.

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